According to the Pet Ownership Statistics 2023, 66% of U.S. households own a pet and 46.5 millions households have cats as their family members, especially for the Millennials and Gen X.

That is to say, cat is very popular in US families, and those families must have a series of troubles when they are staying happy with cats. The issues of sanitary and furniture protection should be the common. If you are the kitten owners, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s discuss how to pick up the cat proof couches for durability and timelessness.

When you choose the home furniture, will you consider to select the cat-friendly pieces or train your loveable cats to be furniture-friendly? eh, maybe both.

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Which Kinds of Couch Materials is the Best for Cats?

What are the Worst Sofa Materials for Cat Kittens?

The Best 7 Cat Proof Couches for Homes

Tips for Keeping Your Cats Off the Couches

Pamper Your Pets
Pamper Your Pets

Which Kinds of Couch Materials is the Best for Cats?

  • Leather: Leather is a popular choice for cat owners because it is durable and relatively scratch-resistant. While cats may still scratch leather, their claws are less likely to leave permanent marks compared to other materials. Leather, not attracting fur, is also easy to clean; so you can simply wipe off any fur or spills.
  • Microfiber: Microfiber is a synthetic fabric that is tightly woven, making it more resistant to cat scratches. It’s also soft and comfortable, providing a cozy spot for your cat to nap. Microfiber is relatively easy to clean, and most spills can be wiped away with a damp cloth.
  • Crypton: Crypton is a specially engineered fabric that is highly resistant to stains, odors, and moisture. It’s a great option for homes with cats as it offers excellent protection against accidents and spills. Crypton fabric is also easy to clean and maintain.
  • Performance Fabrics: There are various performance fabrics on the market designed to be pet-friendly. These fabrics are typically stain-resistant, scratch-resistant, and easy to clean. Look for options like Sunbrella, Revolution, or other similar brands.
  • Tightly Woven Fabrics: Opt for couches upholstered in tightly woven fabrics like canvas or twill. These materials are less likely to snag or fray from cat claws.
  • Here comes a cat scratch-proof fabric, which is a relatively-new material for seating furniture. Undoubtedly it is the friendly choice for a pet family since it is resistant to scratches and water.
Cat Scratch Proof Couch
Cat Scratch Proof Couch

Tips: In addition to the materials, there are some suggestions for selecting a cat friendly couch:

a. Removable covers: If the slipcovers and cushion covers can be removed and washable, it will help you a lot in the sofa maintenance. Thus you don’t need to worry about how to remove the stains on the surface. Or even you are able to replace a new cover for the sofa if necessary.

b. Try the swatches firstly: Order the samples of the fabrics from the furniture stores and test how it can stand up to scratching. Besides, you can compare which color of sofa matches well with your interior wall and fits for your pets.

c. If you are still worried, bring the sofa protectors to prevent your lovely furry friends from scratching.

What are the Worst Sofa Materials for Cat Kittens?

  • Loose Weave Fabrics: Fabrics with loose weaves, like tweed or bouclé, are more susceptible to snagging from kitten claws. Kittens may find these textures appealing to scratch, leading to potential damage to the sofa.
  • Silk: Silk is a delicate and easily damaged material. Kittens’ claws can easily snag and pull threads from silk upholstery, leading to visible and irreversible damage.
  • Velvet: Velvet is soft and luxurious, but it can be easily scratched and marred by kitten claws. The dense pile of velvet can trap their tiny claws, causing damage when they retract them.
  • Vinyl or Pleather: Faux leather materials like vinyl or pleather may be enticing to kittens due to their smooth surface. However, these materials can easily be scratched, torn, or punctured by their sharp claws.
  • Suede: Suede has a napped finish that kittens may enjoy scratching. Unfortunately, this can lead to permanent damage, as their claws can easily catch and pull on the fibers.

The Best 7 Cat Proof Couches for Homes

Take a glance on this table list of the cat scratch proof couches at POVISON, which are made of cat-friendly materials and ensure durability.

Material SPU (product model) Cat Resistant Couch Links
Anti-scratch and Water-proof Fabric SF8038
Performance Fabric (Tech Cloth) SF8047
Leather SF8104

Bonus: Learn more about scratch-resistant sofa bed>>.

Beige Deep Seated Sofa with Anti-Scratch Fabric 

This deep seated sofa is upholstered by the cat scratch-proof fabrics and filled with the high-density sponge. The beige color (someone may think it is bone colored) fits for most interior design, including single-family house and apartment. The fabric surface has a unique dense fluff structure and a soft touch. With its resistance to water and cat scratching, it becomes the best choice for pet owners since you are able to play with your kitty anywhere without worrying about the maintenance.

Besides, this sofa comes with pillows for greater sitting experience, which needs to be assembled partially and easily.


Sofa with Anti-Scratch Fabric
Cat Proof Couch with Anti-Scratch Fabric

Cat Proof Loveseat Sofa with Track Arms

This loveseat won’t make those who like track arms disappointed, since the classic sofa design with track arms looks similar to more expensive styles at an affordable price and is perfect for a pet family. The cat scratch proof upholstery allows the kittens and puppy pets lie and sleep on the couch without worries. The inner bamboo charcoal sponge is certified by SGC International and breathable, so it ensures great comfort and durability. This 2 seater pet-friendly couch is right for apartment, condo and even a bedroom of your house.


Cat Proof Loveseat
Cat Proof Loveseat Sofa

Chic Anti-Scratch Sofa with Curve Back 

Different from other sofas, this scratch proof couch is chic and well-designed for a modern home. The curved back and arm add a touch of modernity and elegance to the living space, which must be the centerpiece of your home, and also attractive to the pets. What’s more, the material never compromise with the style. With the anti-scratch and water-proof fabric, you don’t have to be careful when sitting on the couch, even though playing with your cats on such a couch. Its pinewood frame and bamboo charcoal sponge give a sturdy support and durable use.


Curved Back Sofa
Curved Back Sofa for Pets

Brown Fabric Cat Proof Couch with Wide Armrest

This loveseat is space-saving since its armrests are together with the seat cushions, it won’t take other space for the arms. The wide armrests provides comfortable experience when sitting and putting hands on the arms. The brown scratch-proof fabric can simultaneously satisfy the style and practicability. For examples, the cat scratch proof couch is suitable for an Ins-style house with pet cat, a traditional sitting room with a cute furry friend, a chic apartment with kitty cat, etc.


Chic Anti-Scratch Sofa
Chic Anti-Scratch Sofa

Stylish Soft Cat Resistant Sofa with Recessed Roll Arms

How lovely the sofa is! The brown couch is the highlight no matter where you place it on, in an off-campus apartment, a living condo, a living room in the single-family house, etc. The recessed and roll arm design adds chic vibe to the interior space. The cat scratch fabric and seating padding adds maximum comfort for you when lounging after a long day. The scratch and water resistant upholstery makes regular cleaning a breeze, and makes it perfect for the cats without sticking with the cat-scratch protector covers.


Brown Cat Proof Fabric Sofa
Brown Cat Proof Couch

Performance Fabric Sectional Couch with Arms

This green sectional couch is featured with asymmetrical design and cushions with tufted button design. The performance fabric, also called faux leather, upholstery makes it look like a luxury leather seater but also durable due to its resistance to scratch, stains and water. Thus it is a cat-friendly couch for indoor. Moreover, the classic sectional is also made of FSC-certified wood frame, which ensures sustainability and durability.


Green Home Decor and Furniture
Green Cat Proof Sectional Couch

Classic Leather Sofa with Track Arms

This cowhide leather sofa also comes with classic track arm design, and the deep seated cushion. What’s more, it features with traditional black and orange colored upholstery, so it can fit for MCM, contemporary home style to offer coziness. Solid wood frame, high-density sponge, full-grain leather upholstery with soft texture come together to create a masterpiece for a modern living room, where the cat can play and stay frequently.


Classic Leather Modular Sofa
Classic Leather Modular Sofa

Tips for Keeping Your Cats Off the Couches

Actually, not all pet families would have cat-proof couch, since they may have cat after buying the couch or really love such sofa for home.

Thus, We do not only need to consider how to select a pet-friendly furniture for your kittens, but also try to make the cats more sofa-friendly. Especially for your existing couch that is not so anti-scratch, it is a must to learn how to keep kitty off the couch and even train it protect your couch.

Since every cat may have its own characteristics, here are some common tips to help train your cats from scratching the couch:

  • Provide alternative spaces: Cats love to have their own cozy spots. Make sure you provide them with comfortable beds or cat trees in the same room so they have an appealing alternative to the couch.
  • Use deterrents: Cats are sensitive to smells and textures. You can use natural deterrents like citrus sprays or diluted vinegar on the couch to make it less appealing to them. Alternatively, you can use double-sided tape or aluminum foil on the couch to create an uncomfortable surface that cats dislike.
  • Use positive reinforcement: Whenever your cat chooses not to go on the couch, offer praise and treats as positive reinforcement. Cats respond well to positive reinforcement, and this will encourage them to repeat the behavior.
  • Be consistent: Cats learn through repetition, so be consistent in your efforts to keep them off the couch. If you allow them on the couch sometimes but not other times, it will confuse them and make training more difficult.
  • Use motion-activated devices: There are motion-activated devices available that can emit a hissing sound or a burst of air when your cat gets near the couch. This can startle them and deter them from jumping up.
  • Keep the couch uninviting: Cats are less likely to go on a couch with blankets or throws covering. The uneven surface and unfamiliar texture may discourage them from jumping up.
  • Spend quality time with your cat: Cats often jump on furniture seeking attention. Spend quality time playing and interacting with your cat regularly so they don’t feel the need to seek attention on the couch.
  • Consider using a deterrent mat: Some pet stores sell mats that deliver a mild static pulse when a cat steps on them. These mats are safe but unpleasant for cats, and they can be used to protect specific areas like the couch.
  • Use cat repellent sprays: There are commercial cat repellent sprays available that have a scent that cats dislike. Spraying these on the couch can help deter them from jumping on it.
  • Trim their claws: Keeping your cat’s claws trimmed can make it less comfortable for them to climb onto furniture, which may discourage them from doing so.


It is gospel to select a couch that cats won’t scratch or resistant to pet scratching. Now scratch resistant fabric will help you a lot, not only in sofa furniture, but also in chairs, upholstered bed, rugs and more. Which cat-proof couch will you select for home? Share with us!
(Updated on 2024/2/16: Added some tips for selecting a pet friendly couch. )


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